Biog: Anita King

“Genesis Theatre are advertising in the Manchester Evening News for people to appear in a musical production of ‘Hair', Louis Emerick told me and that he had applied, why don’t I. ‘I have a big afro so I’m already part of the show’, so I thought. Well what an experience - although I was rather shy I loved the songs and many dance routines which were challenging but such good fun - not to mention the invigorating music. My line on stage was nerve racking “We slept together last night I’d rather we slept alone together” - saying this to another female did not make sense to me at the time – it was the Age of Aquarius – free love!

The naked scene, well what the heck, it lasted 10 seconds and the lights were dimmed (not enough time to notice if anyone was Jewish) Let The Sunshine In! My afro did become a focus for the cover of the programme and posters. A week of shows – I wanted more and yes Genesis Theatre announced their next performance was ‘Tommy’ – well I was all for it and my daughter Leila then 4 years of age had a small part in the family scene

Can you believe it –Hair The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical and The Who’s Tommy by Pete Townsend are still popular dramas today. I am lucky to have experienced performing in them.

Thank you Genesis Theatre.

Anita has done many things since her days at Genesis Theatre. Here is her summary of some of the more important of them:

I am the sister of Marcel King of Sweet Sensation who sadly passed away in 1995

I went to Ghana for 10 years to see what I could offer to a 3rd world country. Whilst I was in Ghana I worked on a couple of contracts as Production Secretary through Chris Wheeldon with the filming of Ali (Sound Track) and where I met Wil Smith and director Michael Mann.

And with an episode of Holby City on Hugh Quashie going back to his birth place as part of the BBC's "Africa lives" series.

Previous to this which was very exciting, I was Secretary/Administrator for a couple of years with the Pan African Orchestra the director Nana Danso Abiam - whose album Opus One reached the top of the New World Music Charts for 6 weeks in 1996. Check links below:

I worked in UK as Recruitment Consultant for many years and 5 years ago I set up a Recruitment Agency in Ghana specialising in the hospitality industry.

I am also a voluntary worker for DESO as I am compassionate about disabled people in Ghana

I am now back in UK doing part-time work as Administrator for a Letting Agency.